One of the principal elements included in the founding of the Institute for the Study of Diplomacy was to produce publications on the processes of diplomacy.

ISD publications should reflect the experience of diplomatic practitioners and the breadth of knowledge of the Georgetown University academic community. 

Over the years, this guiding principal has taken many forms: in books published either by the Institute or with leading academic presses; reports and papers based on research conducted by the staff, associates, or working groups created by the Institute; and the case study in international affairs program.

Many of the ISD Books are available as free PDF files. The books that are for sale will link to the Institute's e-commerce website,

The Institute for the Study of Diplomacy is a leading proponent of case instruction in international affairs. A teaching case is a story describing, or based on, actual events, that justifies careful study and analysis by students. In other words, a teaching case is a story about the “real world” told with a definite teaching purpose in mind. Faculty who would like to explore the case method are encouraged to talk with Charles Dolgas. You will also find the Faculty Club website of interest. With free subscriptions, you may review instructor versions of the case studies. Student versions of the case studies are sold on the Institute's e-commerce website,