Yahoo! Fellow

The Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service invites applications from government, corporate, non-profit and academic sectors  for the Yahoo! Fellow-in-Residence program  no later than May 19th of each year.  Supported by the Yahoo! Fund on International Values, Communication Technology and the Global Internet, the fellowship seeks to explore the relationship between new communications technologies and international values in national and international contexts.

The Fellowship

The Yahoo! Fellowship supports research and writing over the course of one academic year, at least one workshop or conference per semester, mentorship of two Yahoo!-supported graduate students at the School of Foreign Service, co-curricular offerings and interaction with the broad scope of Georgetown University academic life.  Fellows typically teach on graduate-level course through the MSFS program each spring.

The fellowship provides a stipend of $60,000.00 to cover housing and living expenses for the year and $5,000.00 in travel expenses.

The Yahoo! Fellows’ projects explore the relationship between new communications technologies and international values such as free expression, government regulation, citizenship and privacy to new communications technologies and the diffusion of information in rapidly changing global environments whether within emerging regional powers like Brazil, Russia, India or China, within states in transition such as Cuba and the post-Arab Spring Middle East, or between states.

The fellow is hosted by the SFS Institute for the Study of Diplomacy which will provide office space, supplies and administrative support. The fellow will join a community of senior fellows, associates and student fellows drawn from the University and from the U.S. and other governments.

The SFS Master of Science in Foreign Service Program provides the locus for the applied curricular and research support activities associated with the fellowship. The MSFS’s multi-disciplinary faculty, including experienced public and private sector practitioners, comprises a broad resource base for research and collaboration on globalization forces across an array of diverse sectors and cross-national applications. The Yahoo! Fellows have been incorporated in the MSFS curriculum through guest lectures, special seminars, case study development and/or course modules. The goal is to yield multiplier educational effects that extend beyond the tenure of the fellow.  MSFS also selectes graduate students as Yahoo! Graduate Fellows who engage in study and research associated with the fellow and/or other faculty engaged in related project activities.

The Application

Applications are due May 19th of each year and should include the following:

  • Letter of Interest
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Project proposal and methodology, not to exceed 2,500 words.

Project research proposals should be imaginative, multidisciplinary, analytical and capable of completion during the fellowship year.  They should also include proposals for associated conference or workshops. An advanced degree is not required. However, those currently pursuing a degree must complete all degree requirements prior to assuming the fellowship.

Applications may be submitted either electronically or by conventional mail, preferably through a traceable delivery system. ISD will acknowledge receipt.


Institute for the Study of Diplomacy
Attn: Yahoo! Fellow Search
1316 36th Street NW
Washington, DC  20007