Category: Despatches

Title: October 2018 Despatches

Date Published: October 7, 2018

Dear Friends of ISD,
ISD is pleased to welcome our 2018-2019 Associates and Fellows. These talented men and women from the senior and mid-career ranks of the State Department, US Army, and US Air Force have worked on pressing issues in every corner of the globe, from Armenia to Zaire. ISD Associates teach graduate and undergraduate classes, take an active and dynamic role as career mentors, and supervise research by students pursuing the ISD Certificate in Diplomatic Studies.
For the past 40 years, ISD has welcomed career diplomats, military strategists, and other practitioners –and the knowledge and experience in public service they share with the university community. ISD Associates teach, conduct research, and write about critical issues of diplomacy and global security. They become an integral part of our two-way bridge between academic theory and the practice of diplomacy.
This spring ISD Associates and staff will teach courses on diplomacy in global hotspots like Yemen, South Sudan, and Syria, along with courses on US-Russia relations, multilateralism, international mediation, conflict management, uses of diplomacy and force, hard power and US statecraft, military resources and foreign policy, and the challenges of using military power.
Scroll down to meet the 2018-2019 ISD Associates and Fellows, and keep an eye out for event announcements on the ISD website.
Best regards,
Barbara K. Bodine