Category: Speaking of Diplomacy

Title: Running After the Revolution

Author: Gordon Gray
Date Published: January 17, 2020


During my tenure as the US ambassador to Tunisia, I witnessed history unfold first hand. On January 14, 2011, the people of Tunisia overthrew 23 years of despotic rule. Their revolution launched the Arab Spring uprisings that would engulf several other countries, including Libya, Egypt, Syria, Bahrain and Yemen.

In the days that followed in Tunisia, as I resumed my routine of running through Tunis to exercise and explore the community, I collected memories I will never forget.

I’ve been an avid runner for 25 years so when I arrived in Tunisia I was glad to discover that an active chapter of the Hash House Harriers — an international runners’ club — with local participants hailing from Tunisia, the United States and several other countries. Our runs took us all over the breathtaking capital city and its suburbs.

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