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Title: Trump and Pompeo have overseen the degradation of the State Department

Author: The Washington Post Editorial Board
Date Published: August 17, 2020

Throughout its tenure, the Trump administration has performed abysmally in staffing and operating the federal government. Hundreds of key positions have remained vacant or filled by unqualified acting appointees; political hacks have persecuted career staff or devoted themselves to President Trump’s personal interests. As the administration staggers toward the end of its term, the degradation and corruption are accelerating.


Nowhere is that more true than at the State Department, presided over by one of Mr. Trump’s most loyal aides, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. When he took office in early 2018, Mr. Pompeo pledged to fill the scores of empty senior positions he inherited, reengage career staff and restore State’s “swagger.” He has done none of those things —though he has adopted a swaggering style in dismissing the legitimate questions and concerns of Congress, the media and U.S. allies. [Read more]