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Title: The Diplomatic Pouch: ISD launches new blog on international affairs and diplomacy

Author: Institute for the Study of Diplomacy
Date Published: August 18, 2020

We are excited to announce today’s launch of The Diplomatic Pouch, ISD’s new blog. The Diplomatic Pouch will feature insights on global challenges and the evolving demands of diplomatic statecraft by ISD experts and diplomatic practitioners. 

ISD seeks to highlight the nuances of contemporary diplomatic issues and advocate for constructive diplomatic engagement across the world. The blog also gives ISD student fellows and Certificate in Diplomatic Studies students a platform to share their own research and to highlight their perspectives as the next generation of diplomatic leaders. 

The Diplomatic Pouch will also offer insights for university faculty and instructors on how to get the most out of ISD’s case studies library. We will highlight the Institute’s latest case studies, explain why they are relevant in the contemporary world, and share tips on how to incorporate case studies into international affairs syllabi, particularly amid the shift to a virtual learning environment.

The Diplomatic Pouch is now live and can be accessed here. Be sure to follow ISD on Medium (@diplomacy) and on Twitter (@GUdiplomacy) for the latest updates. 

Georgetown Certificate in Diplomatic Studies students and alumni interested in submitting pieces to the blog should follow our submission guidelines.