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Title: Despatches (No. 5/2020)

Date Published: September 28, 2020

Dear Friends of ISD,

The beginning of this semester marked a milestone for ISD, as the first ever cohort of the McHenry Fellowship program began master’s studies across the School of Foreign Service. The fellowship provides a full-tuition scholarship to exceptionally qualified graduate students who are committed to careers in transformational global public service, and we are pleased to introduce a stellar cohort of inaugural fellows.

We are grateful to Ambassador Donald F. McHenry for his vision and his generous support of the program, and to the program director, Ambassador James I. Gadsden, for moving this vision to reality in less than a year. This extraordinary cohort of inaugural fellows, of future global service leaders, will add immeasurably to ISD’s mission to encourage, actively support, and prepare those who are committed to tackling the seemingly intractable challenges we will collectively have to confront going forward.

With best wishes,

Barbara K. Bodine

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