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Title: Graduate CDS Application Deadline: Feb. 1, 2023

About the Certificate in Diplomatic Studies:

The certificate program is not limited to those seeking careers in diplomacy but encourages those whose careers will demand an understanding of the processes, ­players, core principles, and issues within which diplomatic strategy is formulated and diplomacy is conducted. ISD works with certificate candidates to devise a course of study that integrates and complements their area of concentration and that will provide them with the intellectual skills to assess complex diplomatic issues and actors, opportunities and limitations of courses of action, and to develop broad strategic goals and innovative yet pragmatic implementation steps. The goal is a balance of functional and regional focus, core and emerging issues, and statecraft skills and competencies tailored to the academic background and career goals of the candidates.

The Certificate in Diplomatic Studies is open to all 1st year graduate students within the School of Foreign Service, Georgetown University.

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