Ambassador Philip S. Goldberg

Senior State Department Fellow

Phil GoldbergPhilip S. Goldberg has served as U.S. Ambassador to the Philippines and U.S. Ambassador to Bolivia, Chief of Mission in Kosovo, and Assistant Secretary of State for Intelligence and Research. Other overseas assignments include Chile, Colombia, and South Africa. Most recently, he served as Chargé d’Affaires in Cuba. 

Ambassador Goldberg’s Washington assignments include Coordinator for Implementation of UN sanctions on North Korea; acting Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Legislative Affairs; Executive Assistant to Deputy Secretary Strobe Talbott, and Bosnia Desk Officer and Special Assistant to Ambassador Richard Holbrooke. He was a member of the American negotiating team at the Dayton Peace Conference on Bosnia. 

Ambassador Goldberg, a Career Minister in the U.S. Foreign Service, has received numerous Presidential, State Department and Intelligence Community awards. He is a graduate of Boston University.