Sévereine Arsène

Yahoo! Fellow 2011–2012

Dr. Séverine Arsène was the Yahoo! Fellow in Residence for 2011-2012. Her area of expertise is China, and during her time as a Yahoo! Fellow she focused on how the use of online outlets and social media as tools for disseminating messages vary across cultural and political contexts. She particularly investigated authoritarian regimes, both how the public in restrictive countries used online media and how their governments worked to suppress the spread of certain messages.

Her 2011 book, Internet et politique en Chine (Internet and Politics in China) goes into detail about Internet-based self-expression and protest in China in particular, including how the Chinese government is responding to attempts to get around censorship and create audiences for political change.

While at Georgetown, Dr. Arsène also led a course and held a seminar on the use of online resources in authoritarian countries. She also participated in the Chinese Internet Research Conference.

After her fellowship at ISD, Dr. Arsène worked as a researcher at Laboratoire Communication et Politique and now she is a researcher and chief editor of China Perspectives at the French Centre for Research on Contemporary China.

Dr. Arsène holds a doctorate in political science from Siciences Po Paris, and has previous spent time as an assistant lecturer in the Department of Information and Communication at the University of Lille 3.