M.J. Crawford

2015-2016 Newsom Graduate Fellow

M.J. Crawford is a Master of Science in Foreign Service candidate concentrating in global politics and security. Her ISD research project investigates how social and educational disparities affecting U.S. racial and ethnic minorities contribute to low levels of diversity in internationally-focused careers. Her research will measure the risk this poses to U.S. national security and global economic competitiveness against a changing world order. Prior to graduate study, Ms. Crawford worked with the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations, the Federal Emergency Management Agency and a non-profit organization in her hometown of Flint, Michigan. She will join the U.S. Foreign Service upon graduation as a Charles B. Rangel Fellow.

Advisor: Ambassador James Gadsden, Senior Counselor for International Affairs, The Woodrow Wilson Foundation
Research Topic: An Issue of National Security: Why is Racial and Ethnic Diversity so Low in America's Foreign Policy Institutions?