International Negotiation Simulations


ISD simulations use real-world cases from around the globe-focused on politics, security, development, humanitarian crises and political competition-to develop skills and capacity related to international negotiation and decision-making. 

The scenarios are based on history, current events and plausible future developments and require participants to grapple with some of the toughest issues in international affairs. Examples of exercises developed and run by ISD include:

  • Syria’s Civil War and the Refugee Crisis
  • Afghanistan: Chaos in Kabul?
  • International Negotiations to Reunify Cyprus (U.S. Army War College)
  • Democratic Republic of Congo: Conflict, Insurgency and Humanitarian Crisis
  • The Taiwan Strait: Crisis and International Negotiation
  • Infectious Disease Outbreak in North Korea: International Health and Humanitarian Crisis
  • Southern Caucasus: Seven-Party Talks over Nagorno-Karabakh (U.S. Army War College)

This experiential learning exposes participants to the complexity of negotiating with nations and entities that have diverse interests and competing positions on issues in the scenario. The key learning objective is the realistic search for shared interests that permits progress toward conflict resolution, sustainable development, humanitarian crisis mitigation and political accommodation.