ISD Announces 2015-2016 Graduate and Undergraduate Research Fellows

Georgetown University’s Institute for the Study of Diplomacy welcomes its new class of six graduate and two undergraduate research fellows. The fellows pursue independent research projects that focus on a wide range of ongoing and emerging diplomatic issues. They are advised by ISD senior staff and associates, other Georgetown University faculty, and notable practitioners. The projects culminate in substantial studies presented at a public colloquium during the spring semester.

“The ISD fellows have an opportunity to delve into subjects related to the institutions, tools, trends and actors that shape diplomacy under the guidance of practitioners who grapple with these issues in their professional lives” notes ISD Director Ambassador Barbara Bodine.

She continues, “They do first rate research and we expect interesting answers to the vital questions the fellows are exploring: such as why racial and ethnic diversity is so low in America's foreign policy institutions, how to build capacity to counter state-sponsored propaganda and counter disinformation in Europe or what should be the global community’s response to cultural genocide.”

“The fellows choose a topic they are passionate about, explore it deeply over the course of a year in part through discussions within a community of experts, and then produce a study with policy related recommendations and present it in front of their advisers, ISD colleagues, faculty, and students. It is a terrific educational and professional growth opportunity for the fellows,” adds ISD Director of Studies Jim Seevers.

Here is the complete list of the 2015-16 ISD graduate and undergraduate fellows, their topics and advisers.

Nicolas Albertoni
2015-2016 Bunker Graduate Fellow

Nicolas Albertoni is a Fulbright Scholar, graduate student in the Master of Latin American Studies program at the School of Foreign Service, concentrating in Political Economy. His research focuses on Trade, Economic and Political Diplomacy in Latin America. He holds a bachelor degree in International Business and Economic Integration from the Universidad Católica del Uruguay. He has authored two books: “Instrucciones para inventar la rueda. Qué tienen los países que progresan y cómo aplicarlo a Uruguay?” (Taurus, 2014) and “Entre el Barrio y el Mundo ¿Mercosur o el Modelo Chileno?” (Taurus, 2011).

Advisor: Barbara Kotschwar, Center for Latin America Studies, Georgetown University; Research Fellow, the Peterson Institute for International Economics
Research Topic: Trade, Economic and Political Diplomacy in Latin America: Between Protectionism and Openness

M.J. Crawford
2015-2016 Newsom Graduate Fellow

M.J. Crawford is a Master of Science in Foreign Service candidate concentrating in Global Politics and Security. Her project investigates how social and educational disparities affecting U.S. racial and ethnic minorities contribute to low levels of diversity in internationally focused careers. Her research will measure the risk this poses to U.S. national security and global economic competitiveness against a changing world order. Prior to graduate study, Ms. Crawford worked with the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations, the Federal Emergency Management Agency and a non-profit organization in her hometown of Flint, Michigan. She will join the U.S. Foreign Service upon graduation as a Charles B. Rangel Fellow.

Advisor: Ambassador James Gadsden, Senior Counselor for International Affairs, The Woodrow Wilson Foundation
Research Topic: An Issue of National Security: Why is Racial and Ethnic Diversity so Low in America's Foreign Policy Institutions?

Mike Fox
2015-2016 Huffington Graduate Fellow

​ Mike Fox is a Master of Science in Foreign Service student concentrating in International Development. His research focuses on the intersection of international aid and American diplomacy. Mr. Fox holds a Bachelor's Degree in Political Science and Spanish, Phi Beta Kappa and Magna Cum Laude from the University of Massachusetts - Amherst. Prior to attending Georgetown University, he worked for several years as a political organizer, including for Congressman Joe Kennedy and then at Root Capital, a nonprofit social impact investment firm. Over the summer of 2015, he will be interning in Tbilisi, Georgia with the Millennium Challenge Corporation. Mike is originally from Sharon, Massachusetts.

Adviser: TBD
Research Topic: The Recent Evolution of International Aid and Its Impact on U.S. Diplomacy

Elijah Jatovsky
2015-2016 Bunker Undergraduate Fellow

Elijah Jatovsky is an Honors Candidate senior in the Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service studying International Politics with a concentration in Foreign Policy and Policy Processes. His research interests focus on the Israeli-Arab peace process and he has lived in Israel and Jordan. Elijah has worked for Israel's U.S. Embassy, Mercy Corps Jordan and the Department of State's Bureau of Near Eastern Affairs. 

Advisor: Ambassador Dennis Ross, Counselor and William Davidson Distinguished Fellow at The Washington Institute for Near East Policy
Research Topic: A Critical Actor? Evaluating the Mediation Role of the United States in the Israeli-Palestinian Peace Process

Emelie Roos
2015-2016 Huffington Graduate Fellow

Emelie Roos is a graduate student in the Master of Foreign Service program, concentrating in Global Politics and Security. Her research focuses on state-sponsored propaganda in the 21st century and government responses. She holds a bachelor and masters degree from the Swedish National Defence College. Prior to resuming her studies, she worked as a Research Assistant for the OSCE and as a Foreign Policy Advisor to the Swedish Chair of the Committee on Foreign Affairs. 

Advisor: Bernadette Meehan, U.S. State Department Rusk Fellow, Institute for the Study of Diplomacy
Research Topic: State-sponsored Propaganda in the 21st Century: Strategies and Capacity Building to Counter Disinformation in Europe?

Gillian Schreiber
2015-2016 Huffington Graduate Fellow

Gillian Schreiber is a graduate student in the Master's in Arab Studies (MAAS). Prior to joining MAAS,  Gillian spent two years working at Independent Diplomat, a non-profit diplomatic advisory firm in New York City. Gillian  graduated from Emory University in December 2010 with a B.A. in International Studies, concentrating on conflict and security in the Middle East and North Africa, and a Minor in Arabic. She has interred at the Carter Center and at the Clinton Foundation and has lived in both Morocco and Israel. Her research interests include separatist movements, U.S. policy in Yemen and Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula. 

Advisor: Ambassador Richard Norland, U.S. State Department Senior Fellow at the Insitute for the Study of Diplomacy
Research Topic: The Politics of Separatism: An Examination of U.S. Policy in South Sudan, Somaliland and Beyond

Vikram Shah
2015-2016 Humes Undergraduate Fellow

Vikram Shah is a senior in School of Foreign Service studying International Politics with a concentration in International Security and Arab Studies. He has studied and worked on issues pertaining to the Middle East for three years and hopes to one day work for the policy-making community. During his undergraduate career, Vikram has worked for the Danish Refugee Council in Amman, Jordan, the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction, and the Department of State's Near Eastern Affairs Bureau.

Advisor:  Ambassador Barbara Bodine, Director, Institute for the Study of Diplomacy
Research Topic: Outlasting the Islamic State: The Strategy Behind the IS's Destruction of Cultural Heritage in the Levant

Amanda Zeidan
2015-2016 Dulles Graduate Fellow

Amanda Zeidan is a graduate student in the Master of Science in Foreign Service program concentrating in Global Business and Finance. Her research focuses on public-private partnerships to track and prevent financing to international terrorist organizations. Prior to attending Georgetown, Amanda worked as a Foreign Affairs Fellow in the Office of Senator Harry Reid (Nevada). She has also worked in community economic development in Peace Corps Azerbaijan and on election monitoring issues for The Carter Center. She is currently a Department of State Charles B. Rangel International Affairs Graduate Fellow. 

Advisor: Ramon Escobar, U.S. State Department Rusk Fellow, Institute for the Study of Diplomacy
Research Topic: Crime-Terror Cooperation: Fighting the Rise of Organized Crime and Terrorism with Public-Private Partnership