Han-teng Liao

Yahoo! Fellow 2010–2011

Han-teng Liao holds bachelor degrees in Electrical Engineering and Foreign Languages and Literatures, an MA in Journalism and an MS in Computer Science. He has professional experience developing new media and open source software with Academia Sinica (in Taiwan) and National Taiwan University. His focus has been on user-generated data, Web analytics (webometrics), Chinese Internet Research and integrated research designs, both qualitative and quantitative.

As a Yahoo! Fellow, Han-teng constructed the “linguistic networked readiness” index for selected languages and dialects in India and China. He also produced a working paper, “Needing to have a voice,” organized the 9th Chinese Internet Research Conference (CIRC 2011) and prepared a course syllabus for “Network Analysis for International Relations” in the Master’s of Science in Foreign Service program.

After his fellowship with ISD, Han-teng continued working towards his PhD in Philosophy at the University of Oxford, in a multi-disciplinary program based in the Oxford Internet Institute. His research aims to reconsider the key role of keywords and hyperlinks in shaping the sense of “fellow users” in digital networked environments. His doctoral project is a comparative study of two major user-contributed Chinese encyclopedias, entitled “The Cultural Politics of User-Generated Encyclopedias: Comparing Chinese Wikipedia and Baidu Baike.”

Han-teng has also been a 2013 Summer Fellow at the Humboldt Institute for Internet and Society, Berlin.