Evgeny Morozov

Yahoo! Fellow 2009–2010

As the Yahoo! Fellow in 2009-2010, Evgeny Morozov expanded on his assertion that the vast availability of information via the Internet is not only a power for good, but also an increasingly effective tool that authoritarian regimes use to crack down on their people. His research into the nastier effects of transparency culminated in the 2010 book “The Net Delusion: The Dark Side of Internet Freedom” (here).

Before his time at Georgetown, Morozov worked as a fellow at the Open Society Foundations, and as the author of the well-respected Foreign Policy blog Net.Effect, which explored the various relationships between technology and politics. After the Yahoo! Fellowship, Morozov went on to be a visiting scholar at Stanford University and a fellow at the New America Foundation.

His new book, released in spring 2013, continues in the thread of his previous publication, this time warning about the way that perfectly efficient communication can take out some essential roadblocks necessary to vet ideas and policies before they are implemented.

Now Morozov is taking time to further his education—in Fall 2013 he began work toward a doctorate in the history of science from Harvard University. He is still writing, however, through various sources including a syndicated column on through Slate.