Katie Paul

Michael Huffington Graduate Fellow

Katie Paul is a second-year in the MSFS program concentrating in Global Politics & Security. Before coming to Georgetown, she worked as a journalist at Newsweek and conducted a Fulbright fellowship in Damascus, Syria. She has completed assignments throughout the Middle East for Human Rights Watch, Foreign Affairs, Foreign Policy, al-Monitor, The New Republic, the Los Angeles Times, and the Institute for War and Peace Reporting. 

Her ISD research explores the prospects for international trade mechanisms to advance human rights. Drawing from free trade agreements, GSP preferences, and the WTO, she examines a set of trade dispute cases that involve labor, governance, and other human rights complaints, weighing their outcomes in the context of arguments for and against the expansion of global trade regulations.

Adviser: Ms. Miriam Awad, Associate, Institute for the Study of Diplomacy
Research topic: Advancing Human Rights Norms in International Trade Mechanisms