ISD Students Brief at Pentagon

On Monday, April 27th, students enrolled in IPOL 358, The Military and Peace-building, presented their joint report, "Mali:  Developing a Multi-faceted Strategy for a Successful U.S. Stability Intervention," to a senior panel of NSC, defense, and military practitioners in the Pentagon.  The objectives for IPOL 358 were to:  review the premise for U.S. military interventions in fragile states; critique the U.S. military experience in Afghanistan since 2001; review the methods the U.S. military and civilian agencies use to plan stability interventions; develop an individual stability intervention policy recommendation for a fragile state in the Sahel region of Africa; synthesize individual recommendations into an overall stability intervention plan for the fragile state; and collectively present the stability intervention plan to U.S. diplomatic, development and defense and military practitioners working similar issues.  This undergraduate seminar was taught by LTC Brian Sullivan, the 2014-15 United States Army War College Fellow to ISD.  The practitioner panel was very impressed by the report with one participant acknowledging, "I suspect we will detect traces of their ideas emerging in talking points for upcoming policy discussions in the building and across the river as we determine the best strategy for Mali."  Congratulations to the students for a job very well done.

Joint Report: "Mali: Developing a Multi-faceted Strategy for a Successful U.S. Stability Intervention"