The Yahoo! Fellowship

Thanks to the generous support of Yahoo! from 2007-2015, eight different Yahoo! Fellows at Georgetown University’s Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service have had the opportunity to explore the relationship between new technology and international values.

The Fellowship

Yahoo! Fellows’ projects have looked at Internet and communications technologies topics such as free expression, government regulation, citizenship and privacy. Yahoo! Fellows have also explored new communications technologies and the diffusion of information in rapidly changing global environments whether within emerging regional powers like Brazil, Russia, India or China, within states in transition such as Cuba and the post-Arab Spring Middle East, or between states.

Each Yahoo! Fellow has been hosted by the SFS Institute for the Study of Diplomacy  and joined a community of senior fellows, associates and student fellows drawn from the University and from the U.S. and other governments.

The SFS Master of Science in Foreign Service Program provides the locus for the applied curricular and research support activities associated with the fellowship. Each year two MSFS graduate students have been selected as Yahoo! Graduate Fellows to engage in study and research associated with the Yahoo! Fellow’s focus area as well with in other faculty.

Previous Yahoo! Fellows