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Title: In Defense of Democracy (No. 1/2021)

We wept at yesterday’s assault on our democracy, on our institutions, and on the buildings that house and represent our republic. We join our fellow Americans and those who have come to this country because of our values, our principles, and our commitment to them. These principles have allowed the American experiment to continue its search for a more perfect union. We denounce unequivocally the violence, and those who incite and enable it. 

We thank our friends abroad for their expressions of sympathy, and share their sense of horror at what has happened. We applaud those members of Congress and other public servants who stood with the Constitution in these difficult days. And, we are not without hope. Later this month, we will remember the resolve in face of injustice and adversity so eloquently expressed by Martin Luther King, Jr. We will also observe the promise in our Constitution of the peaceful transfer of political power to a new president and a new vice president. Our democracy, our republic, and the American people will move forward.

Barbara K. Bodine