Certificate in Diplomatic Studies

The Institute for the Study of Diplomacy established a graduate Certificate in Diplomatic Studies (G/CDS) in the fall of 2015 available to all graduates students across the School of Foreign Service.  Twenty-three students completed the G/CDS in 2016 and thirty students have been accepted as certificate candidates for 2017.  ISD is pleased to announce the creation of an undergraduate Certificate in Diplomatic Studies (U/CDS) available to juniors and senior in the Bachelor of Science in Foreign Service (BSFS) program beginning in fall 2016. 

The primary purpose of both certificates is to prepare students to work effectively in an inter-disciplinary, inter-agency and multilateral context on evolving global issues that confront states, private sector partners and both benign and malicious non-state actors.  It is not designed solely for those seeking careers in diplomacy but also for those whose careers will demand an understanding of the formulation and implementation of foreign policy. The certificate is not about tradecraft but the theory and practice of diplomacy as an element of statecraft in furtherance of national interests.  It draws on an understanding of the inter-related roles of history, economics, culture/religion, domestic political actors, development and security, law and science, and demands cores skills of quantitative, as well as qualitative, analysis, negotiation, mediation and policy entrepreneurship.

Detailed information about the G/CDS and U/CDS are available at the following links. 

Undergraduate Certificate in Diplomatic Studies

Graduate Certificate in Diplomatic Studies