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Title: December Despatches: End-of-Year and Looking Forward (No. 8/2020)

Date Published: December 12, 2020

Dear Friends of ISD,

It’s the end of the year, and a year like no other. Nothing magically happens on New Year’s Day, but everything is possible in a new year. Georgetown University and the Institute have been remote and working from home since March, and will remain virtual for the spring semester. ISD’s core missions remain the same—to enhance the understanding of, and appreciation for, the critical role of diplomacy, and of diplomats to national and global peace, security, prosperity, and human dignity. In this new Zoom world, only our mode has changed. We have adapted to, come to terms with, and taken full advantage of unforeseen benefits of this new way of working.

I know you share our commitment to strong and effective diplomacy. I know you believe that it takes advocacy, and it takes action. And I know that you support not only diplomacy and diplomats today, but ISD’s continuing mission to educate, support, and encourage the global public service leaders of tomorrow.

As we enter the holiday season and recharge our Zoom batteries over winter break, we hope you will continue to stay connected with ISD—read more about our activities below, join our events, explore our new blog and listen to our new podcast, and check out our website for aggregated news on diplomacy. As Linda Thomas-Greenfield said—“Diplomacy is Back!” and it’s about to get really interesting.

I also hope you can support ISD’s work and contribute whatever is comfortable to our ongoing programs and projects, and those to come, at the link below. ISD does not receive financial support from the University. We are able to offer these programs, engage in critical debates, and support students here and abroad only because of the private support we receive. I hope you will help.

All best wishes. Be safe,

Barbara K. Bodine

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