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Title: ISD Fall Despatches (No. 8/2021)

Dear Friends of ISD,

Today is Giving Tuesday, and this will be far from the only reminder of this auspicious event you receive. Before you hit delete, I hope you will pause a minute and consider the importance of strong and effective diplomacy, and of committed and well-prepared diplomats. Whether diplomacy is an art or science (or both), it is a calling: service to others, to something greater than oneself. It seeks nothing less than a more stable, peaceful, prosperous, and equitable world, fit to bequeath to our children, and theirs.

The Institute for the Study of Diplomacy aims to expand and enhance an understanding of the critical role diplomacy plays globally. Over the past year, despite the constraints of the ongoing pandemic, ISD has continued — and even expanded — its programs, its teaching and mentoring, and its outreach.


As a friend of the Institute, and a friend of diplomacy, I hope as you assess your giving for this year, you will include ISD at whatever amount is most comfortable for you. We look forward to welcoming you to upcoming events, engaging with you through our podcast, and working with you to support our programs and our students.

Please read on to see some of what we have been up to. We have been able to gather our community together in person once again, and take advantage of new-found technologies to bring our events and programs to broader audiences. New editions of our “Despatches” newsletter will come to your inbox in the weeks ahead with details on all of these, and more.

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