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Title: Despatches | 2023 Trainor Award Honoring Ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield

Dear Friends of ISD,

On March 14th, the Institute for the Study of Diplomacy presented United States Ambassador to the United Nations Linda Thomas-Greenfield with the J. Raymond “Jit” Trainor Award for Excellence in the Conduct of Diplomacy.

Ambassador Thomas-Greenfield’s remarks on “Diplomacy and the Struggle for Human Rights” were followed by an engaging fireside chat moderated by former Irish Ambassador to the United States and current Chair of the ISD Board of Advisors Ambassador Anne Anderson.
In November 2020, with the promise that “America is Back; Diplomacy is Back,” President Biden announced Ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield as his choice to be the U.S. representative to the United Nations, with Cabinet rank. “[Biden’s decision] reflected his respect for and validation of the value of Linda’s voice as a key policy adviser,” stated ISD Director, Ambassador (ret.) Barbara Bodine. “Since that time, the Ambassador has been a clear and consistent advocate for American interests, and America’s values, in a world where those values are under threat every day outside and inside this country.”

Thank you to all of the members of our community who were able to attend, either in person or via live stream. The full recording of the award ceremony, including Ambassador Thomas-Greenfield’s remarks on “Diplomacy and the Struggle for Human Rights” and the following Q&A discussion, are now available to watch on YouTube, linked below.

A copy of Ambassador Thomas-Greenfield’s remarksAmbassador (ret.) Bodine’s remarks, and the official transcript can be found here, as well as the text of the Trainor Award citation.